BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Original – Black Spirit, Cotton Review

Keep your baby very close to your heart by using the BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Original. A newborn baby is so much sensitive that you need to care him the best for keeping him secure. Security is a must in the case of a newborn baby. So, there is no reason to tell the importance of a baby carrier in this case.

Therefore I am introducing to you the BABY BJORN Baby Carrier which comes with the best security available. Keep your child safely and comfortably by using this adjustable baby carrier. The unique feature of it is that it comes with adjustable straps for a perfect fitting. The straps divide the total weight equally to your shoulders for providing you comfort while carrying the baby. It also comes with comfortable and secure head support. So, let's know more about it.

For Whom Is This Baby Carrier Designed?

  • A baby carrier is a must thing for those who have a newborn baby.
  • Those who want to provide the best security to their baby, this carrier is for them.
  • If you are busy enough that you have not much time to keep eyes all the time on your child, then this product is for you.
BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Original review

Baby Carrier Specifications

  • Item Weight: 1.2 pounds.
  • Maximum Weight: 25 pounds.
  • Dimensions: 10.2 x 3 x 11.5 inches.
  • Targeted Gender: Unisex.
  • Minimum Weight: 8 pounds.
  • Fabric type: Cotton.
  • Batteries Required: No.
  • Portable Carrier: No

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Features of BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Original

The BABY BJORN Baby Carrier Original is one of the best baby carriers in the market. This carrier is very popular because there are few important features and benefits that you can keep safe your baby. See these features and benefits in below:

Comfortable & Secure

The BABY BJORN Baby Carrier Original provides you enough security that your baby will remain safe during all the time. The carrier is adjustable, and it can adjust with your growing baby with the help of size adjustable buckles. It is so important to fit your child in the baby carrier otherwise you may feel the risk in carrying your child. Therefore this product provides you the ultra security with a perfect adjustment so that you can feel relax while carrying your child. The shoulder straps of it distribute the total weight equally to your both shoulders. As a result, you also feel comfortable in carrying your child. Thus this superb baby carrier provides both security and comfort.

Outward & Inward Facing Options

Carry your child in the direction you prefer most. This baby carrier offers you two facing functions. But it is recommended that you should take your newborn child facing you because a newborn baby is so much sensitive and you need to take the best care for the time being. Therefore the carrier comes with an inward facing option so that you can keep your baby facing you. When your child will start to grow up, and his/her neck, back, and hips become strong enough, then you can use the outward facing option. So, the carrier comes with all the facilities available for carrying a baby.

BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Original review

Ultra Secure Head Support

It comes with ultra-secure head support. The weight of our head is almost one-third of our full body. In the case of a newborn baby's head, safety is more important. As a baby can't hold his head in the right place, any accident may happen if you don't provide enough support. Therefore this carrier comes with adjustable straps so that you can place your baby's head in the right place. The BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Original provides ultra-secure neck support to your child that his head always remains in the right place. As safety is your best concern, this carrier is the thing you need.

Keep Your Baby Close To Your Heart

Keep your baby close to yourself as much as you can with this baby carrier. As a newborn child is not strong enough, you need to keep him so much close to yourself. The carrier provides essential closeness to your baby. The positioning of your baby with you is so much important. You can keep your child a little bit up on your chest, and your child will remain close to your heart. The design of it is so much accurate that your child will be able to breathe easily in spite of being much close to you. Therefore, listen to your child's heart bits and also make him able to listen to yours with this ultra safe baby carrier.

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Easy To Use

It is small in size. As a result, it becomes so much easy for you to put it on or put it off when needed. The material of the BABY BJORN Baby Carrier Original is also so much durable and comfortable that it will not tear off. Sometimes your baby will fall asleep in the carrier, and you will be in need to take off your child with so much silently so that his sleep doesn't break. Therefore this carrier will assist you to do this very quickly and also very silently. Just unfasten the buckles, and then you can take it off quickly. Therefore you will feel it so much easy to use this baby carrier.


  • It is made of comfortable fabric to provide comfort to your baby.
  • Equally, divides weight between your two shoulders.
  • Super durable buckles will not tear off easily.
  • Carry your baby with ultra security.
  • It comes with safe and tested materials.
  • So much lightweight product that you will feel relax while carrying your baby.


  • The shoulder straps of this carrier are not padded.
  • Bad positioning may cause physical damage. So, carry your baby with proper positioning to overcome this problem.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Original

Question: What is the max weight I will be able to carry with this?

Answer: You can take maximum 11 kg of weight with it.

Question: How much this carrier weights?

Answer: This carrier weighs only 1.2 pounds. So, you will feel so much natural in using it.

Question: What is the specialty of this baby carrier?

Answer: Well, this carrier is so much different than others. It provides a lot of unique features. The primary specialty of it is that the waist belt of it distributes the weight equally so that you feel comfort while carrying your baby.

Question: Will I be able to wear it at hot summer?

Answer: Yes, you can. It is comfortable and soft, but it also has air gap so that air can flow through it. As a result, you will feel comfort in summer too.

Final Verdict

For comfort and security, there is no replacement of this baby carrier. The BABY BJORN Baby Carrier not only provides safety for your newborn baby but also provides you comfort while carrying it. You will feel it easy to wear this on and off. You will buy a baby carrier for ensuring the best safety available to your newborn baby, and this carrier is more than safe for your child. So, why waste money on the wrong product?

I provide you complete details about this products. So, keep your newborn baby close to your heart with this BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Original and keep safe your baby all time.

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