Bright Starts Walk-A-Bout Walker, Roaming Safari Review

Walkers are pretty good toys which have both health and entertain benefits; such as the Bright Starts Walk-A-Bout Walker, Roaming Safari. This walker is suitable for those kids who can crawl hold their head without having any assistance. The Bright Starts Walker nicely designed with lots of toys, lights, a steering wheel and comfortable seat. It also has the sound and music features which equally enjoyable while playing. All the things of the Walker made on the base of safari theme, a full pack of jungle fun. All the color, design pattern are made with the roaming safari theme, but still, it has the ‘car’ impression. Yes, it has a steering wheel on the toys station which moves left and right, horn to play sounds and so one.

Apart from lots of fun things, the walker is easy for storage and travel. You can fold it easily so keep it aside any corner of the room. The seats cover of the Walker on the other hand, removable and easy to wash in the washing machine. So you’re cleaning or washing trouble will be lessening with Walker also.

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Features of Bright Starts Walk-A-Bout Walker

Before going to select a product you should definitely dig the features and facilities that it offers. That is why we brought here for you some important features of the Bright Starts Walk-A-Bout Walker with the little bit of explanation in this walker reviews. You will find complete features list underneath the section.

Bright Starts Walk-A-Bout Walker

Built with safe and sturdy platform

The Bright Starts Walk-A-Bout Walker is made for your growing toddlers. Like you know kids are growing fast within few months a newborn who use to cry all day start giggle and crawl to you with his little hand and feet. That is why they need some safer, stronger base that secures their every moment on the walker. This Walker has a sturdy platform which can bump into all type of wall and furniture and equally space-saving.

Adjustable height

Every baby no matter what age or weight him belongs. That is why the walker comes with seat adjusting facility so he can stand upright on the walker and walk on his own. From low to high the Walker offers three different height settings to adjust the height positions to grow with baby.

Removable toy station

Bright Starts Walk-A-Bout Walker is meant for multi-use. That means it has some multi-featured option that will enhance the playing experience of your child. Like the toy station. The toy station is detachable from the tray. There is a switch on the station which allows you to remove or add the station from the tray securely. However, the station includes toys, steering, lights, music, and sounds. Your baby can play with it on the go while walking on the walker or just play on the floor with his other friends or by himself.

Comfortable seat and seat back

This baby walker from the bright starts has a soft and comfortable seat with seat pad. Its higher seat back provides proper support and comfort to the kid while seating or standing for a very long time. It provides extra support to back/spin so he can comfortably stand upright.

Easy to fold and store

The Bright Starts Walk-A-Bout Walker is also easy to fold so it can be placed in any small area of your house. The walker is not that lightweight for easy moving one place to another, but its foldable option allows you to travel it on the car. If you need your kids’ favorite walker to take while visiting grandma’s house for the weekend, you can take the folded walker very quickly in your car.

Assurance of safety

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The Bright Starts paid attention to the security features including other comfort and entertainment features as well. Like its rubber feet, the rubber feet work here as a break on the baby walker. When a kid gets too close to any uneven surface like stars, balcony, etc. it stopped the walker immediately right there. Besides the rubber wheels never leave any marks to the floors especially on the wooden floors. So you can have the walker in your house without having any tension of any marks.

Easy to clean

The Bright Starts Walk-A-Bout Walker requires very low maintenance to keep it clean and hygienic. You can quickly wipe out the seat, tray and toy station if any food, milk or other liquid accidently fall. However for deep cleaning simply take off the seat cover and put it on your washing machine with your regular detergent. There is no need to use warm water for cleaning.

Features At a glance

  • The color and design of the Walker is kind of cool and goes with any interior. So, your baby will enjoy this walker so much.
  • The removals toy station allows the baby to play with toys anywhere of his room even he is not on the walker.
  • Including the toys, the toy station also has few bells and whistles which keep him entertains for a long time. Furthermore, its tiny steering wheel can turn full around left or right and makes some clicking sound while turning. The steering has a horn which lights up and plays some music.
  • The Walker has the music or volume controlling settings. So you can turn it on off or in mid-level as your desire.
  • The height of the seat is adjustable so as your kid becomes taller the Walker also grows with them. Moreover, some walker doesn't fit with fat babies even with the adjusting height. But not with this one. This walker has large leg holes for the bigger size of children.
  • Walker weight and dimension- 11 pounds and 34 x 28 x 24 inches. So we recommendation baby weight around 15-16 pounds.

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  • Includes removable electronic toys with lights, sounds, and melodies.
  • It's soft, comfortable seat and high seat back provide additional support and comfort.
  • Its 3 different height adjusting levels to grow with kids.
  • All the toys can be used for floor play or on the go.
  • Easily foldable for storage or travels.
  • Comes with 2 link loops for adding more toys or goody charms.
  • Also, contain with volume control for desirable sound settings.
  • Requires 3 AA batteries for lights, sounds and play the melodies.
  • Also, contain with volume control for desirable sound settings.
  • Made with PP, Steel, Polyester, POM, TPR, ABS, etc. materials.


  • The Walker is not good for rolling on heavy carpet or rugs.
  • The link loops are quite hard and edgy so that kid could get hurt accidentally sometimes.

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baby walker reviews

Frequently asked question (FAQs)

Q: What is the distance from the floor to the seat of the seat at the lowest settings?

Answer: With the baby sittings in it, it’s around 6 inches and with the position high its 9 inches.

Q: Does the walker have the rubber made wheels for rolling on the wooden floors; I am also concern about the performance of the Walker on the heavy carpeted floors?

Answer: The wheel of the walker is made with plastic, not the rubber. Its rolls pretty good on hard floors and also on carpeted floor. But for thick carpet, the speed may bite slower while moving.

Q: Can I use the walker as a stationary chair for feeding?

Answer: You can use it for feeding you like, it’s a walker only, but mainly it’s not made for using a stationary chair.

Q: If any parts of the jumper are broken or need to buy any toys separately where could I get a replacement parts or wheels?

Answer: You have contact with the manufacture of the seller who had purchased you the Walker also you can go to this BabyRegistry blog for requesting parts for Bright Starts Baby products. They required an entry registration then proceed to further requirements.

Q: At the different height settings is spring loaded so the baby can jump up and down or bounce?

Answer: Nope, it’s not spring loaded, and the kid cannot jump up and down or bounce, it’s ready to go as the walker.

Final verdict

There are lots of best baby walker which comes with different price, features, and designs. Compares with them, this one is really stable in all features and performance. It's comfortable perfect for entertain and provide enough support for walking. It allows you to leave the child for a while to play on his own without any tension. So if you want to have something durable yet playful Walker, then the Bright Starts Walk-A-Bout Walker would be best to choose.

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