Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Jumperoo Review

An age of 6 months or more is the most effective period of the baby when it starts to learn from the surrounding. Also, the baby brain begins to form and grow up in this age range. So, it's one of the most important duties of parents to provide safe and sound learning environment where it can play and learn. Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Jumperoo, also popular as Fisher Price Farm Jumperoo is one of the top choices of us regarding all aspects of quality and price.

It's a laugh and learns which is also a farm-themed baby activation center. All it does is, it provides a safe jumping fun station along with setting a combination of playing and learning. Also, along with fun, music, sounds and music, it offers first words of English, Spanish, French and Mandarin language!

Let's have a deeper look at all of the features, qualities, offers and both pros and cons of price laugh and learn jumperoo.

fisher-price laugh and learn jumperoo

Features of Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Jumperoo:

First things first, let us introduce the essential features and their related benefits of fisher-price laugh and learn jumper in this section-

  • Designed for kids under a height of 32 inches and a weight of 25 pounds.
  • A string and durable stand-alone body of steel.
  • Soft covers of spring to provide extra safety to your kid's fingers.
  • A rotating and bouncy baby seat that keeps your baby well-engaged with all the fun elements it has around.
  • Built-in height three different adjustment cater to set the height as your baby’s age. Can be used even when your baby is growing up.
  • Two farm-themed music modes along with numerous farm animals. It keeps entertaining the kid along all the time with music and fun activities.

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The Two Way Playing Mode:

Whenever the baby gets into the Fisher-Price laugh and learns jumperoo, it will find a full scope of fun and joy around it. Credit goes to the two ways playing modes of Fisher-price laugh & learns jumperoo. The modes are-

  1. Musical Fun Mode: In the first mode of price laugh and learn jumper, the baby can activate music and choose between continuous play and short play music. Whenever it starts, it gets full of sweet sounds and fancy lights.
  2. The Early Learning Mode: Here in the early learning mode, a learning process starts as soon as it's chosen to be played. The baby hears sing-along songs, animal sounds and speaks out words altogether. It does two things- provides a rich musical surrounding to the child and educates him up with spelling, listening, pronouncing and lot more.

A Strong, Adjustable & Durable Jumperoo Frame:

When it comes to purchasing a quality jumperoo for your kid, you never think short term. So, being durable is one of the most important factors to look at. The Fisher price laugh and learn jumperoo comes up with not only a strong body structure but also with a sturdy frame that ensures maximum safety of your adorable baby. Also, getting slipped off in slippery surfaces is another of the problems that come with common jumperoos. To overcome this issue, Fisher-price laugh and learn jumperoo provides a steel-constructed strong base with non-slip fittings. The last thing I liked about the body structure is the feature of height adjustment. It allows setting the height of the seat so that you can accommodate your growing baby for years.

Durable and Easy-to-wash Cloth Materials:

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Jumperoo

The quality and the wash-ability of the seat covers, spring covers and seat pads often defines how long the jumpers can function properly and how much comfortable the baby will be inside it. Poor models from not-so-familiar brands offer jumper at a lower price, but they won't mention you about this feature before selling. Fisher-Price laugh and learn jumperoo provides an excellent remedy to this tension anyway. It has imported polyester fabrics designed for child comfort. Also, there are cotton-soft seat covers, seat pad and spring covers for baby's comfort. All of the removable fabrics are easily washable with light detergents.

A Bunch of Fun and Education Kits for Early Development:

The Fisher-price laugh and learn jumperoo comes up with a lot of accessories and musical features that will give you a hand to the mental development of the kid. Letting your kid grow up in an entertaining zone along with educative materials is what parents look for in most quality jumpers. The Fisher-price laugh and learn jumperoo offers these specific features with it. Like mentioned earlier, it has two different fun modes names as the Musical fun mode and the early learning mode. In early fun mode, it has three different sing-along songs along with animal sounds. In this mode, the kid can explore farm friends like bobbling rooster, pop-n-play piggies, peek-a-boo and lot more. On the other hand, the musical fun mode of Fisher price laugh and learn jumperoo is dedicated to the full entertainment of the kid. It comes along with six toy stations and two different overhead tools with it. All these toys and toy stations are designed to catch the baby’s attention instantly and engage the baby in a fun and play game. It helps you to manage your household works when you are home alone with the kid.

Special Discount Offer on Product Promotion:

Lastly, it’s about the most important concern- the money. The Fisher-price laugh and learn jumperoo is one of the low price-high quality jumperoos in the market, and that's why it's in our best picks. But if you want to own this product in even a cheaper rate, there is a special deal from Amazon that is meant for you exactly. Amazon is providing an offer that says if you order a pre-owned and pen box Fisher-price laugh & learn jumperoo, there will be fall of almost $50 in the price. But still, you will be provided maximum quality and product security. Amazon’s 30 days return policy is eligible for this offer. That means, if you somehow find any fault in the Fisher-price laugh & learn jumperoo model, you can return it without any hassle within a month.


  • Light in weight.
  • Driven exclusively with the featured jumping assistance.
  • Comfortable and entertaining for the baby.
  • Provides maximum safety and durability with string metal structure.
  • Spring doesn't speak out even after long term use.
  • Babies of even four months old can be fitted easily with pads or pillows on the seat.
  • Easy to assemble the parts. Takes not more than 10 minutes.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.


  • Babies of below average heights can't reach the ground even with the lowest height adjustment.
  • Reported that, some babies only love the colors and music, left alone the toys.
  • For over weighed babies, the spring can bottom out easily while jumping.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ'S):

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Jumperoo
  • 1. Question: Is the seat cover of fisher-price laugh and learn jumperoo washable? If it is, then how to remove that?
  • Answer: As per the manufacturers says, the seat cover is easy to remove and washable. Use light detergent to clean the cover. And to remove the cover, just reverse to how you put it on.
  • 2. Question: What is the age range of this price laugh & learn jumperoo jumper?
  • Answer: The age limit of the baby starts from 6 months when it can support it’s neck itself and reach the ground on its toe to make it work.
  • 3. Question: How tall our baby needs to be on the jumperoo with maximum comfort?
  • Answer: It comes up with three different height adjustment feature. So you don't have to worry much about it. What important is, the baby need to know how to control the movement and some level of upper body control.
  • 4. Question: Does the seat of the jumperoo rotate?
  • Answer: Yes, it does rotate to 360 degrees. As the jumperoo has toys activity on the behind of the bay, the manufacturer provides a full rotational feature to the seat.
  • 5. Question: What’s the exact dimension of price laugh and learn jumperoo? Trying to estimate the space needed to accommodate it.
  • Answer: As per the shipping, the dimensions of the product itself is 4 foot x 4 foot.
  • 6. Question: My four and a half years old baby is a little bit slow when comes to growth. How can I adjust the height of the seat if it doesn't suit with any of the three given heights?
  • Answer: You can try by putting a pillow under the baby n the seat. I heard a lot that it works fine.

Final Thoughts

From our detailed research, real user interviews and expert analysis reports, we have found Fisher-price laugh and learned jumperoo to be one of the best jumporoo for your baby. Within a smart price-quality range, it can be a good choice to help our kid grow up with fun and comfort. Despite of some problems with undersized or overweighted babies, Fisher-price laugh and learn jumperoo is a must-have kit as per our recommendation.

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