How To Take Care A Baby? Parenting Tips

If you are going to be the mother at the first time, you must have to learn how to take care a baby. Taking care of a newborn baby will give you special experience of your life. A baby needs more attention and special care with love. After surviving 9 months of pregnancy, your baby sees the light of the earth. It is a great experience for you. A new mother searches for the idea of taking care of her baby. A mother can get benefits from this article.

How to take care a baby?

You can follow the tips to take care your newborn baby. It will make you take care of your baby easier.


It is very necessary for your baby to breastfeed. To do this, hold your baby the first time to feed her. It is the great time and place to start. Take your baby’s body towards you and hold her chest. Then touch your nipple with the upper lip of your baby and when she opens her mouth pull the baby toward your breast. She will take the nipple in her mouth and start to eat. Here are some matters to know about breastfeeding.

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  • You baby will produce 6-7 diapers a day if your baby gets enough food.
  • It will be hard to feed your baby at the first time. Be patient and continue practicing. You can take the help a nurse.
  • You should nurse your baby 8-10 times a day of the birth of your baby. Try to feed your baby when you see any sign of hunger from the mouthing and her activity. You can feed her every four hours. Gently walk while feeding her.
  • You should make sure that your baby feels comfortable. The feedings will take 40 minutes. It is also needed for you to take a healthy and balanced diet. Do not take alcohol and caffeine.

How To Take Care A Baby


If you know how to take care of a baby, you will also know about the care of her sleeping. A newborn baby needs a lot of rest for her growth. Some baby takes 16 hours rest a day. When your baby gets 3 or so old, 6-8 hours sleep is appropriate for you.

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  • It is really difficult for a baby to make the difference between day and night. So you need to be alert at day and also at night. Keep the night light dim and patient unlit she begins a proper sleeping
  • Keep your baby in the comfortable place to minimize the risk of SIDS.
  • Alternate the position of the baby’s head to make it good shape. Feed during the sleeping if your baby if she keeps sleeping more time.
  • It is very normal if you get tired while taking care of your baby during the night time. You can divide your time with your husband. It will give you some rest.
Formula feeding for the baby

Though breastfeeding is healthier for your baby, breastfeeding sometimes is not enough for her. So, in this condition, you need to feed her the formula feeding. It is easier to you because it helps you to know how much you need to feed your baby. There are some things to know about the formula feeding.

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  • Follow the directions given on the label during prepare it.
  • Use the new bottle and sterilize it.
  • Feed every two or three hours when you see that she seems hungry.
  • Do not store the formula in the fridge more than 24 hours. Warm the formula before feeding your baby.
  • You should hold the baby 45-degree angle to take in less air. Give her proper head support.
  • Carefully feed her.
Diaper for your baby

If you use cloth or diapers to take care your newborn, you need to be an expert of changing the diaper. What method you will use that should decide before bringing the baby into the home. You need to change your baby’s diaper more than 10 times a day. Here are some instructions you have to do.

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  • You will need some diapers a day. So, keep some clean diapers and a container of hot water, cotton balls, etc beside your hand.
  • Try to remove the dirty one as fast as you can. After removing the diaper, use the warm water and the washcloths to clean the genital area of your baby. If you find any rash on this area, give some ointment on it.
  • Take the new diaper and put a slide of it under the baby. Then move the front part up between the two legs and over the belly.

Take Care A Baby

Baby’s bath

How to take of a baby? The answer to the question contains the process of a baby bath. You should very careful during the baby’s first week. At the first week, give your baby a sponge bath. When the umbilical cord falls, you can give your baby a bath. Take the towel, soap, and other necessary things. Use the warm water.

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  • You will feel uncertain while giving bath your baby at the first time. You can take the help of any family members who are experienced. Or you can tell one to hold your baby and then you can bathe the baby carefully.
  • Support the neck and head of the baby with your hands carefully. Always use the warm water so that your baby does not get cold.
  • While bathing your baby, use mild soap and wash the bottom and front side of the baby carefully.
  • After the bath, wrap the baby in a dry towel and then dress the baby.
Hold your baby and keep her healthy

Hold your baby with head and neck support as much as possible. You can keep your baby’s head inside the inner elbow and her hip and lower legs will rest in your hand. It is very important to give your baby much time and use to taking with her. If your baby is upset for any reason, she will start to cry. Try to find out the cause of her crying. You also rock them gently and sing a song to make her asleep. Besides, you can take her to a child doctor regularly.

Final Words

Now, I think it is now not a question of you “how to take care a baby?” because the answer is in your hand. You need a good support from your family to take care of your baby. It may be your husband, your mom or other family members. You also need to take care of yourself for the baby.

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