Joovy Spoon Walker, Charcoal, One Size Review

Joovy Spoon brings you a special walker that meets to the highchair. The Joovy Spoon Walker, Charcoal, One Size is made for balancing all the necessary things like eating, playing and learning. It's a bit different from any regular best baby walker available in the market, its practical and good look, can grab attention right after you see it. Like, its full white structure and vibrant color of the seat pad. In this Joovy Spoon Walker review, you will see the charcoal color seat, but there is some other color available like red, green, blue, purple, etc. all these color and structure perfectly go with any home or kitchen interior.

The main important feature of the Walker is the super sized tray. It’s made for multiple uses. Besides, the walker comfortable, reliable and safe so you can use it for an extended time and any places you need. It’s easy to clean by both manual and machine, so you are saved from long, exhausting washing routine.

Benefits & Features of Joovy Spoon Walker

If you have already seen some of the baby walkers of these days, then you may notice they are filled with lots of unnecessary electronic or paraphernalia littering over the walker. Also, they don’t have enough space to adding toys or even hands for freely setting. They also offer some lighting and music features that stopped working after using for a while.

This baby walker is not like them. They make it simply so you can use it also naturally. The manufacturer pays attention to the usefulness and the safety. That is the reason the Walker is best for your kid and you. You may sell right after seeing the walker or use it for the first time. It will make easier to feed the child and engage him with playing for a very long time. Besides, it comes with a reasonable price that you asked for a quality jumper.

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Super sized tray for super multitasking

Joovy Spoon Walker

For meal and snack time the Joovy Spoon Walker has its extra large ever ready tray to serve. It’s removable and has a dishwasher safe insert. So no matter how to mess your baby makes with the food it’s ready to clean within a minute. You can wipe it with a dump cloth or put it in the dishwasher for trouble-free cleaning.

However, for playing there is lots of clean space for all your child’s favorite toys. You will not find another one like this one. Because most of the walkers comes with some fixed pre-attached toys which offer limited fun and entertainment. Some of them have some adding option, but still, your kid has to play with the provided toys. Why compromise with their favorite toy? Let them play with all the toys that he loves to play with.

Made for suits everywhere

The Joovy Spoon Walker is combining with two essential baby equipment- walker and high chair. This zippy little walker allows the ideal balance of eating, playing and learning to walk. It’s made for incorporate into every room in your house. It's bright milky white color, and high gloss finish gives the premium styling that cleans up quickly and looks fabulous.

Supporting seat pad

The Joovy Spoon Walker has the most supportive and comfortable seat that also perfect for sitting for a long time. According to the manufacturer, the seta is made with 600D material which combining luggage grade toughness with a soft and padded high seat back. It’s cozy and also easy to clean. You can remove the seat pad easily for machine wash.

Height adjusting feature

The Joovy Spoon also has the height adjusting feature for your growing baby. As you know babies are growing fast. They usually don’t take much time to become a butterfly from the caterpillar. To make the adjustment of their height and weight Joovy spin also provide the three height positions. It makes easer for the child who can sit upright unassisted. If your baby is not more than 30 lbs and 33 inches tall, then the walker will perfect for him.

Provides additional safety and support

The Spoon has the ultra wide base which provides the unparalleled strength, mobility, stability, and safety. Its large base ensures than the little delicate fingers won’t get hurt on the side of the tray. So if your toddler bumps into a wall, they usually don’t get hurt by pinched between wall and tray.

Joovy Spoon Walker Review

Also, it built with steel reinforcement oversized wheels and non-slip stairs pads. So if your baby comes into the uneven surface like stairs, it stopped right there. That is why the Spoon meets or exceeds the entire government standard in compliance and stair safety of California.

But still, it better to using a gate to keep stairs out of reach of your baby. It will prevent unwanted incident when you are not around him.

Easily foldable feature

The Joovy Spoon Walker has the quick fold flat feature. It allows you to store any congested places. You can make it into in half size once wrap and keep it aside any corner of your house. After all, the jumper is not ‘every minute equipment’ which need to placed in one fixed space and open. Besides you can travel with the jumper very easily. Just fold it and keep it o your car and your baby’s favorite toy are ready to go with you all.

Easy to assemble

Like the other easy features such as using, cleaning, storing, traveling the walker is easy to assemble also. This walker comes out of the box almost ready to go. You just need to install the seat pad, that all. There is no toy bar/station need to include or require a battery to play all lights and sounds. So, easy and simple.

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Benefits At a glance

  • Comes with a super-sized tray with removable insert.
  • Its broad base ensures that the little fingers won’t get pinched.
  • Comfortable and supportive seat pad.
  • Three height adjustment system.
  • Consist of oversized wheels and nonslip stair pads.
  • Folds flat for easy storage and travel.
  • Machine washable seat pad and dishwasher-safe insert.
  • BPA, Phthalate, and PVC free.
  • Product weight- 12.3 lbs.
  • Dimension- 27.8 x 15.5 x 18 inches.
  • Maximum weight limit- 30 lbs.

Now we are going start with discussing some important features of Joovy Spoon Walker, so you can understand its maneuver characteristic and shop wisely.


  • Ideal for using it for playing of feeding. There is plenty of room adding stuff like toy, balls, ring or food, cup, water glass/bottle, spoon, bowl, etc.
  • The Walker is folded easily so you can travel with it or put it any corner for storing.
  • Suitable for wood, linoleum or low pile carpet floors and rug floors.
  • Easy to clean off. It's dishwasher safe insert allows you clean it without rubbing or wiping it every time.
  • Also, the seat cover is removable and can be washing your washing machine.


  • Even though with the height adjustments the Walker has the height fixing problem. Its highest setting is small for big babies.
  • Because of it's easy to maneuver your kid can get to the place where he possible should not be. So it’s better to not leaving your baby alone.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Question: Does the Joovy Spoon roll on brick pavers?

Answer: The Joovy Spoon moves on brick pavers unless there is any deep grout line.

Question: Can I lock the wheels or put it into a position where it can move?

Answer: No, the wheels can’t be locked in a fixed position.

Question: Is it tall enough for any 30 Inch babies?

Answer: Yes, the Walker is tall enough for big babies like 30 inch, but there is no room for bigger than 30-inch kids.

Question: Does the seat contain any kind of flame retardant?

Answer: The label says it meet the standards of California Safety. There is no info about chemical safety.

Question: Does the walker fit though the standard doorways?

Answer: Yes, the walker fits through the standard doorway.

Final verdict

Many people think that the Walker could cause safety hazards. Yes, if you left your child unattended. On the other hand, it’s a great tool that can provide enormous health benefits. If you take all the characteristic of Joovy Spoon that it will appear that it offers excellent safety and ratability that you are looking for. It's completely BPA, PVC and Phthalate Free and approved form JPMA. That means with all the unique features it cares about your babies’ delicate health. The Walker not only calming that its offers safety features, but it also assures your child’s well-being in future. So give the first baby step to a big and confident support, you can choose the Joovy Spoon Walker for your precious one.

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